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Nigeria: A Call to Responsibility

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🇳🇬Nigeria: A call to Responsibility
Arise, O Compatriots

Are you for Nigeria, a patriot?

Our country’s state is decadent

And corruption is prevalent

Who will help our dear Nation

And lead us into the long-awaited transformation?

There’s no need for further contemplation

For right here is the Revelation

That we can become a better Nation.

Friend, let’s go out there and shine,

For deep within us, is the Light Divine.

For Nigeria we have a responsibility,

For right within us is the ability,

Friend, this is the reality.
God bless Nigeria🇳🇬



Getting more intimate with God

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Getting intimate with God is easy and simple. 
We can Invite Him for fellowship and also Respond to His promptings for fellowship. 
It’s like normal daily friendship. We get to talk with Him as friends. So lovely!


All we need is simple,

“Hi Holy Spirit, can we talk?, I really need to know you”

And we’ll hear Him.


Intimacy with the Spirit

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Many seek to know and feel God for themselves. They know deep within that there is God. 
Relationship with God is only possible when there is access to Him for fellowship. 
The Means He has given us to know Him better is by the Holy Spirit. When we have intimacy with the *Holy Spirit*, He unveils the Christ to us and we know Him and manifest His Power.

Hope in Your Country

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Hope in Nigeria
Many feel Nigeria is a hopeless country, they feel the system is so terrible that it is not repairable.
This feeling is everywhere, however, there is a prerequisite for having hope concerning Nigeria, *We need something to hold on to*. We need an anchor, otherwise there will be frustration which we cannot overcome.
Let’s check out Isa. 60:2, 61:7

They can be a nice anchor of hope concerning Nigeria

Hang on, Help is near

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Have we ever gotten to the point in our journey in life where we felt, 
“😩😟😭 I can’t handle this any longer❗, I’m fed up😩”
Trust me, there are frustrating times like that in our lives, when all hope seem lost and there is nothing that seems to be working right.
But let’s cheer up😄😀😄, It is for a little while, if we will hang on a little more and trust Him, we’ll see that the solution is nearer and easier than we’d expected.

He is faithful.
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The story behind the glory

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# The Story Behind the Glory

Everyone destined for greatness must understand that there is a story behind the glory

Each and every one of us must pass through a challenge before we ascend our thrones

We must realize that pain is part of the journey. Yes we’ll be great, but we must go through pain.

However, we must not lose focus and hope and we must keep moving forward.


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Understanding the Systems

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We are continuing our Kingdom Series. Last week, we looked at Understanding the Kingdom and we saw that;

 👉 His Kingdom is established on the earth through us, the Church,

👉our manifestation is the expression of His Kingdom 

We are the Light of this world, a City set on a hill that cannot be hidden.
To continue the series, we are looking at how the Church can demonstrate the Kingdom, by breaking down for us, these systems

He said, “…go into all the systems” Mark 16:15

So, it is important in understanding the expression of His Kingdom, to look into the systems

So, our topic is Understanding the Systems

Like we have said in earlier meetings, the “world” in Mark 16:15 can  also be translated “Systems”

And it means the operational organization of the world. How the earth functions!

Now, to the systems

As we’ve been earlier told, they are SEVEN;






Media and,


For those of us called to the spiritual

We are called to function in Ministry, yea but the definition of ministry is not limited to Church. Many ministers would be “apostles in the marketplace”
Imagine if our Military has the prophetic operating with them, he’ll fish our enemy’s hide-outs, Know enemy’s plan’s even before they are made. He’ll instruct based on revelations.

Yes, we’ll have ministers who are called to build churches and also we recognize phases in ministry, yet, there will so great a manifestation of the Spirit, that our mindset of ministry will shift from just Church to going out!

Be sure, if you are called to the Ministry and find your specific place, your niche.

For the Economy guys, the Business guys,

We are called to show the world how the economy of heaven functions.

We are called to let me see how not to trust in uncertain riches, but in true wealth. In our days, there will be a wealth transfer from the ungodly to the godly.

Many of you have seen how rich unbelievers can be, buy wait a little, then you’ll see how rich believers can be, yet their hearts will not be on the riches.

Whatever business you do, seek the Kingdom mind and strategy first! You got me?👍

For the Politicians in the Building,

Trust me, the time is coming and now is, when our Legislative will be filled with Daniels, our Executive will have Josephs running it, our Judiciary will Deborahs
In short, we would have kingdom minded citizens in high places of authority. We’ll literally determine what what happens by the Spirit. Corruption will become history!

For those in the Entertainment,

In arts, music, sports, fashion….. Name it,  entertainment!

It is high time we started seeing dimensions of music never seen before that men will hear and their hearts will melt, it will vibrate,  Music that will address the nation, not just praise-worship.

You can become the best footballer in the world, don’t just sit in a “ball-house” shouting goal!

Sit down and meditate on how you can get that position of Influence, so that when you speak, men will listen.


“Why always me” – Balotelli

What if after scoring a goal, you write;

“Jesus has done it again” – You

Fashion, can you help us design clothes that will be the talk of the town, yet we will not be naked. 

Can you help us stop this menace of nakedness in our street.

Can you design a clothing whose pattern you got from heaven?

I speak not of religious clothing but of glorious ones we’d all love

 Family people!

Many of us are called to handle relationships, to build people’s lives.
Look at what is happening to our children, they are not being taught in the way of the Lord!

Can you design a system to help such?

Oh! You are a relationship coach, can you help us reduce divorce rate, concepts of baby mama.
Can you help families stay more together?
And to our Media guys…👍

They are a channel responsible for many wrongs we see today.
But you as a believer,
Can we have a TV channel that is not necessarily Christian exclusive, but maintains the standard of the Kingdom, such that the nonsense of erasing God’s name on TV today will stop, imagine forbidding mentioning God on air. I was angry the day I saw it, and its in a popular channel

Imagine you buying those channels and converting them for Kingdom purposes.

The internet is a major focus in media, can you help us manage this, such that we are all connected, yet we can trust our kids with the internet, can it be safe again??

 And finally, Education

Enough of this boring😔 curriculum. Can we have education tailored to the way the Master designed it??

Can we shift from lateral thinking to visual thinking?
(Visual thinking helped Dr. Ben Carson, you can find his story in his book, Gifted Hands. From dullest guy in class, to world renowned neurosurgeon)
 We say, students don’t love school today, can you solve this??

See friends, until, we are doing these things, we are wasting our time calling our ourselves Christians. 

This is what the Church should be doing and nations will flock to her.

Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Shintoists, name it! 
Everyone is designed to appreciate God and when He’s expressed through your life in these things, they’ll run to you. This is true evangelism!

 God bless us all in Jesus name

 Thanks sweet Holy Spirit for what you’ve done tonight, You helped us and it is evident. Thanks Dearie, we love You.

 One word before we close,

Start asking Him where you fit in!