Conquering Cosmos

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We welcome you all in the name of the King, the Lord Jesus.

Holy Spirit🕊 we acknowledge You. We welcome You to this place. Come take over and help us to take over our world for Christ.

Jesus we bless You.

Father we honour You in Christ Jesus name.  Amen

Let me share something with you guys…

It’s what I believe will be our reality in these days

The time is coming and is here when each and every one of us here, present and to come will be Forces in our individual paths. We would literally have taken over the society by taking charge of our purposes. 

I look forward to a time when the presidents of nations will run to us for solution to their national challenges

The time is coming and now is, when we would determine what happens in our society.

The time is here friends, when positive vibes will be more applauded than the negative ones.

Solutions to problems will be very easy to Sons of the Kingdom

I look forward to seeing an economic giant arising from here. If you are here and the Lord has called you as a Kingdom financier, you need to start going in the direction of your calling. The Lord will open automatic doors for you.

Also, if you have been called to train men in the things of the Kingdom, please stop hesitating; start moving in the direction of your calling.

The dimension the Church is entering into now, you cannot sit on the fence. Either you are running in line with what He has in store for you, or you are kicked out of the way. You cannot stand without decision.

Your life must be a message, don’t be another statistics in the world. Be a world changer. You cannot be a nonentity.

Friends, what are you living for? Do you mean you have not found something wrong with the world today? Whatever it is you have discovered, what are you doing to correct it? There is no point in your living, if you are not standing for something.

In view of this, friends, to prepare our minds, in a few weeks’ time, we would be breaking down into Subgroups based on the sectors and there we would be practical in our approach and then take over our individual spheres.
Yes, it is not a small task, not a day’s job, not a joke, but the King is for us, His Spirit is with us. We have the King’s resources at our disposal. We’ll work wonders.

Those called to economy will come together, identify a problem and work out a _practical solution_ to it.

The media guys will also be up and doing.

The educationists will scatter things in the spirit.

Those called to spiritual ministry would retreat and see where the church missed it, and bring out God’s agenda for us.

We implore you to sit with the Spirit for a transformation agenda for the society so that we can all benefit from it. 

Remember, you are here as a fulfilment of prophecy.

Our generation will fulfill what was spoken by the fathers.



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