Let them come to ME

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We are considering a topic whose impact is generational

Let them come to Me

We live today in a society where a child can become a law unto himself. What we fail to realize is that we cannot handle any child to groom him in the light of his destiny

When some guys brought their kids to Jesus, the disciples were forming, “no disturb our Oga abeg!” (please, dont disturb our Master!)

But Jesus told them, don’t stop them, Let them come to Me”

Let them come to Me

Who is this Me? And He must be very important to have made such a weighty statement

Prov 22:6 says

Train up a child in the WAY he should go and he won’t depart from it when he’s old

John 14:6

Jesus said I am the WAY!

We need to train a child in the WAY? Simple! Take him to the WAY Himself.

Let them come to Me

So, how do we take them to Him?

Paul said to Timothy in 2Tim 3:14,15

That he continue in the WAY, in which he was taught from childhood, having had the Knowledge of the Holy Scripture

Did you notice Tim, who was now mature, has not departed?

Paul said “from your childhood” meaning the person he’s talking to, has grown up

He was taught the Word!

John 5:39

Jesus said the stuff you read in the Bible, is talking about Me

John 1:1, 14

In the beginning was the Word, and He was God,

He became a human being and walked in the neighborhood

Taking your child to Him, is taking him to the Word; And we have taught, that the Word is not about letters, but the system of thinking, the mindset of the King therein.

In other words, expose your kid to the King’s Mindset

2Tim 3:16 says

All scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for training, correction, instruction, reproof…

James 1:21 says

Receive the implanted word … Which can save ( prosper, help, deliver, heal, make sound) your soul

Acts 20:32  

Paul committed men to God and the Word of His grace which builds up…

All these show us that the Word (thinking, ideology, mindset) of God is important for training a child by bringing him to Him

Let the children come to Me

We have a responsibility to bring them to Him.

In one way or the other, you are in charge of a child, bring him to the Word.

Help train him in the WAY. Otherwise we would be raising a dangerous generation filled with all kinds of societal vices.

The children too must come.

On one hand, you as a child must be trained by Him

On the other hand, make a child see why he/she must come to Him

So friends, let’s get children trained by Him, by exposing them to the Word, not some useless traditions of men that do not gender faith.

The Word! Friends the Word!

The Lord, bless us in Jesus name. Shalom!



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